Legislator in Liberal-Land Demands Russian Hack Story Be Taught in School

One California lawmaker would like to mandate that schools teach students about the Russian “hacking” of the 2016 election.

It is of no use to argue with them either; the cockamamy theory that Russia somehow “hacked” the U.S. election in favor of Donald Trump winning has been thoroughly debunked as nothing more than a weak attempt at delegitimizing the electoral trouncing suffered by Hillary Clinton.  Now, one teacher is California not only wishes to continue the ridiculous story, but is hoping to take it one step further.

“A lawmaker in California is pushing for schools to mandate lessons that teach students about Russia’s alleged ‘hacking’ of the 2016 presidential election.

“Democrat Assemblyman Marc Levine appeared on Tucker Carlson’s show to argue for the state board to incorporate the lessons into new history and social studies classes.

“’We need to understand Russian interference in the 2016 election and its impacts on…

Andrew West

Andrew West

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