Leave It To The University of Missouri To Turn An Orlando Vigil Into A Racial Event (VIDEO)

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A vigil for the Orlando dead at the University of Missouri suddenly turned racial. Big surprise.

Two white married gay men were removed and anger exploded as the speakers on stage blamed pretty much everything on being white.

Why is the left so determined to blame this massacre on anything other than Islamic Terrorism?

First it’s the guns, now it’s the whites…try crazy fanatical Muslims behind door number three!

The people slaughtered in Florida were from every race. This is not a racial issue…it is a good versus evil issue.

Watch the enrollment at Mizzou plummet some more. Why would you send your kid there?

From The College Fix:

“I was really nervous to get up here because there’s a lot of white people in the crowd,” an activist said. “That wasn’t a joke,” she added after a few nervous chuckles.

She continued to complain that…



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