Leaking Classified Information From The While House Should Be Considered Treason

Leaking classified information from our government is unacceptable. Period. After a whirlwind month in office, President Trump has basically managed to accomplish miracles in righting the economy from Obama’s disastrous tenure. For anyone in doubt, take one look at the stock market indexes. The Nasdaq, S&P, and Dow Jones have ALL closed at record high after record high after record high in the last few weeks. And since the stock market is a direct manifestation of how traders and investors view the economy, things are looking pretty bright for the U.S., despite what Trump critics and the liberal media would have you believe.

So, while Trump is making America great again, critics, political lackeys, and treacherous intelligence agencies are all hard at work stabbing the president in the back by leaking sensitive information to anyone who will listen.

And that’s a huge problem.

Leaking Classified Information From The While House…



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