Lawyers Move to Disbar Comey After Docs Reveal He Lied to Congress!

I hope former FBI Director James Comey has enjoyed living the free life and covering up Hillary Clinton’s crimes over time, because that may be coming to end real soon. Of all people, Comey should know you can’t make contradictory statements or ‘lie’ while under oath. The consequences are real.

As such, an attorney named Ty Clevenger has filed a grievance with the New York Bar Association against Comey, where he used to serve as a U.S. attorney and still retains a license to practice law, according to The Washington Times.

The heart of the issue outlined in Clevenger’s grievance is the fact that Comey testified during a Sept. 2016 hearing that he had not predetermined the outcome of the investigation into former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s private email server prior to his announcement that there’d be no criminal charges in July 2016.

That assertion has since been proven



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