Larry The Cable Guy Explains Why The Media Hates Working Class

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Much of America is working class. In recent years, the media biased against the working class has grown.

Liberals love to act like they are the champion of the working class on one hand, while on the other they mock and destroy it every chance they get.

Hillary Clinton recently boldly stated she would put a lot of coal miners out of work. I’m sure that impressed her green energy loving hipsters, but to the dirty fingernail crowd it was a devastating blow.

Larry the Cable Guy has made a name for himself as the face of “Redneck” humor. In this interview he discusses why the media hates “Rednecks” and how they actually view the working class.

From Conservative Tribune:

Larry the Cable Guy, otherwise known as comedian Daniel Lawrence Whitney, slammed the mainstream media’s portrayal of America’s working class in a matter of seconds in a…



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