L.A. Gay Pride Was The Second On The Massacre List

L.A. Gay Pride Was The Second On The Massacre (Image: MGN)

A second attack was planned on L.A. the same day as the Orlando massacre. Santa Monica police officials arrested a man with an arsenal in his vehicle. He said he was in town for the Pride Parade in West Hollywood.

Liberals have turned the heart-wrenching attack in Orlando into a frenzy of “anti-gun” propaganda. When in reality if people in the night club had been practicing their second amendment, this attack would not have happened. Everyone is still in mourning. Unfortunately, Orlando was just the first target on a long list. 

The same day, on the other end of America, a man was arrested with a car full of weapons, ammunition, and ingredients to create explosives in his car. The man claimed he was on his way to Los Angeles’s Pride Parade.

Santa Monica police had received a call…



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