Kudos To You Mr. Trump

Kudos To You Mr. Trump (Image: MGN)

I have to say that I am very proud of the Republican Presidential Nominee, Donald Trump.

At the beginning of his presidential race, he came at politics like a bull in a China shop. He stampeded into the room, he said what he thought, he might have offended or hurt people, but he was standing for what he thought was truth. There isn’t anything more honorable than that.

Throughout his campaign, he has survived on one thing: he actually wants to win. In the beginning, he was a little stubborn about his policies and the way he did politics. People would come into his administration and slowly directing him in one way or another. Yet, if he didn’t agree with the direction, or thought it “wasn’t him,” he didn’t do it. He has continued to stick to his guns.

Yet, now that the…



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