Kooky Feminist: “If You’re Not Bisexual, You’re Transphobic” (Video)

Apparently now in the mystical, kooky land of feminism, if you do not like BOTH penis and vagina, then you are, in fact, transphobic.

How dare you be a normal human being?? NO! You must conform to the insanity of feminists!

According to Everyday Feminism’s transgender feminist Riley J. Dennis, if you have a “genital preference” and are not sexually attracted to both a penis and vagina, you are transphobic; or, as he interchangeably uses, “cissexist.”

In a video posted last week, Riley argues that “genital preference” is actually a form of discrimination against trans people. For instance, if you “identity” as a straight male but have a preference for women without penises (because in Leftist Land some “women” have penises), you’re transphobic.

“Gender” preferences are allowed, so long as gender is defined by the Left’s Baskin-Robbins-esque Gender Chart, where feelings supersede biology.

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