Key Law Enforcement Officals Poke Holes In Las Vegas PD Shooting Narrative

Is there something to hide when it comes to the infamous Las Vegas Shooting and  Stephen Paddock? Conspiracy theories were swirling all over the web minutes after it became public knowledge. And look at where we stand now with the Nunes memo, Uranium One, the Trump Dossier, and near-proof of a Deep State… lately, something that would be viewed as “conspiracy theory” has beginning to become a fact of sorts. What will we discover tomorrow?

As Written and Reported By Richard Pollock for the Daily Caller:

Key law enforcement officials poke holes into the Las Vegas Police Department’s narrative

Missing evidence raises red flags

Photos and videos fail to corroborate the stated timeline

Seasoned law enforcement and military experts contacted by The Daily Caller News Foundation have expressed serious doubts about the thoroughness of the Las Vegas Metropolitan



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