Kellyanne Puts Feet on Couch, Liberals Lose Their Minds

Kellyanne Conway drew the ire of liberals for one of the most absurd reasons this afternoon.

Searching for scraps of controversy to sensationalize, the liberal media has had a heyday after a photo of Kellyanne Conway, the first women ever to manage a successful bid for the White House, sitting in the Oval Office.  Their opposition to Conway?  Her feet were on the couch.

“In an image captured by an AFP photographer, Conway appears on the couch with her shoes on as Trump poses for a photo with leaders of historically black colleges and universities.

“Wall Street Journal columnist Bret Stephens was among those taking aim at Conway, suggesting that aides under previous administrations would have elicited even greater outcry.

“‘If Rice or Jarrett had sat like this in Oval Office, conservatives would have screamed themselves hoarse for weeks. Now we own trashy,’ he wrote, referring to previous presidential aides.



Andrew West

Andrew West

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