Just who is Richard Fowler and why was he lying about Roy Moore on Fox News?

[VIDEO] Just who is Richard Fowler, what is he doing on FOX News, and why was this lie about Judge Roy Moore allowed going unchallenged and repeated? It happened after the defeat of Judge Moore had been ascertained and the election won by Doug Jones.

The lie told by Fowler was about what the Judge supposedly said about the LGBT community. In a shocking sound bite, you can see and hear Mr. Fowler say the Judge thought they should be killed! Fowler actually said that. Go watch and read the rest below.

As Written By Peter Barry Chowka for the American Thinker:

Speaking live on the Fox News Channel Tuesday night after Roy Moore was declared the loser in the special U.S. Senate election in Alabama, Richard Fowler said this: “Roy Moore is guilty of saying things like ‘LGBT people should be put to death.’”  The program’s host, Shannon Bream, seemed taken aback by



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