Judge Who Halted Executions in Arkansas Receives Supreme Bitch Slap

Judge Griffen issued a restraining order in a lawsuit by McKesson Medical-Surgical, a maker of Vecuronium Bromide.  It was later discovered that on the same day the activist judge was protesting at the governor’s mansion against the death penalty.  This is an egregious example of conflict of interest.  That’s why he was referred to the  Judicial Discipline and Disability Commission to determine whether he violated judicial conduct rules.

The Arkansas Supreme Court has found it necessary to disqualify Judge Griffen from all cases involving the death penalty or the protocol by which executions could be carried out:

Judge Griffen’s participation outside the Arkansas governor’s mansion, calls into question whether Griffen should remain on the bench

“To protect the integrity of the judicial system this court has a duty to ensure…



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