John McCain Suspected of Leaking ‘Trump Dossier’ To Media

Two lawsuits have raised the possibility that Senator John McCain (R-AZ) a man who probably never heard of former President Ronald Reagan’s “11th commandment” was involved with leaking the “Trump Dossier,” to the mainstream media. The dossier was the fraudulent 35-page document leaked to CNN and published in full by BuzzFeed a few weeks before the Inauguration. Eventually proven bogus, but when leaked the document was said to have “revealed” ties between Team Trump and Russia, as well as some unsavory activity between the future president and Russian prostitutes.  Of course Anyone who has researched President Trump knows that he is a bit of a germaphobe, just based on that alone, one will realized that Trump would never do some of the unsavory activity with described in the dossier, especially with strangers.

On the other hand the Republican Senator from Arizona has an uneven political reputation within his own party. Known on the right for being too…



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