Joe Biden’s Niece Steals more than $100K, Gets Off with Slap on the Wrist

By Andrew West

The dirty democrats will never admit to their underhanded, scandal-ridden ways, so it is our duty as journalists to report them.

Think for a moment, if you will, about all of the democratic dealings that have irked you over the years.  Was it Bill Clinton’s ludicrous sexual assault of a White House staffer with a cigar that first made your blood boil?  Is the thought of your taxpayer cash going to such a reprehensible man that first impinged upon your faith in the government?  Or perhaps it was Barack Obama’s unfathomable “fast and furious” gun running scheme that put so many American lives at risk?  Better yet, what about Hillary Clinton’s hijacking of the 2016 primary elections, with the assistance of the DNC that threw you into a rage of government-induced rage?

No matter what the case may be, democrats have been getting away with practically everything in recent…



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