JESSE VENTURA: If Hillary Wins I’m Getting In The Race

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Could things get any crazier? Former Minnesota Governor, Jesse “The Body” Ventura recently made famous again by fleecing the family of an American hero, Chris Kyle in a defamation case has made a provocative statement.

It may be just that, a baseless statement to illicit things like this article. He stated that if Bernie Sanders loses to Hillary, which he will, then Jesse will be jumping in the ring against Hillary.

Could we have more of a circus? Who would be the ringleader? Trump the master, Jesse the muscle, and Hillary the felon. This is the wierdest presidential race ever.

From Allen West:

The reality show that is the 2016 election may bring on a new contender.

Former Minnesota governor, professional wrestler, and conspiracy theorist Jesse Ventura has expressed interest in entering the race. The last time Ventura was in the news was when he…



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