Jerry Lewis: What Caused Comedian’s Death?

Comedy giant and philanthropist Jerry Lewis died of “natural causes” in Las Vegas with his family by his side Sunday morning, according to a statement issued by his publicist Candi Cazau.

But Lewis faced many health problems, including prostate cancer (undergoing surgery in 1992), three heart attacks, Type 1 diabetes, and the chronic lung disease pulmonary fibrosis, which left him dependent on steroids, according to media reports and documentaries about the comedian’s personal and professional life.

Lewis was also hospitalized in 2012 for blood sugar problems and in 2011 for exhaustion, CBS News reported.

Lewis’ death also followed a lengthy hospital stay in June when he was admitted and treated with antibiotics for a urinary tract injection. While he was in the hospital, he developed several other complications, which extended his stay, according to CBS.

But the family said the complications from his recent treatment didn’t lead to his death,



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