Jerome Hudson Calls Out Jessie Williams In A Big Way (VIDEO) – “If Black Lives Really Mattered To Jessie…”

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HOLY COW! Jerome Hudson delivers both barrels against Jessie Williams’ rant at the BET awards.

Watch this video…and listen to a brilliant and powerful black man take a stand against the carnage that has spawned the “Black Lives Matter” movement.

Hudson is a man among boys as he delivers a message that needs to be heard.

Where were all the social justice warriors when all this carnage was taking place? They were not planning stop the violence rallies in gun control cities like Chicago. Oh NO! They were off climaxing all over their keyboards celebrating Jessie Williams’ speech as some sort of profile in courage, well it wasn’t.

It was a perpetuation of cowardice, meanwhile, they were dozens, if not hundreds of families all across this country grieving the loss of life and those bodies, many of them black, were sent to the morgue by black killers.





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