Jeff Sessions Makes Huge Statement About Sanctuary Cities

No mas! Attorney General Jeff Sessions has begun to urge ‘sanctuary cities’ to reverse their policies. The DOJ is starting to “claw back” funding from those jurisdictions who clearly ignore the immigration detainers.

Sessions highlighted a recent report from the Department of Homeland Security that showed more than 200 instances of jurisdictions failing to honor detainers in the span of just one week. The DHS also identified sanctuary jurisdictions in the report, which included New York City and all of Rhode Island’s state prisons.

The report detailed illegal immigrants who had been charged with sex crimes and murder that local jurisdictions failed to turn over to Immigration and Customs Enforcement. “The American people are not happy with these results,” Sessions said while speaking at the White House.

He said that he is “urging” states and local jurisdictions to comply with immigration detainers as a “condition” of receiving…..



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