James Comey is a “Spineless Weasel” with a “History of Manipulating” the Press

By Onan Coca

It’s not often that we see conservative pundits agreeing with liberal CNN hosts, but this past week James Comey’s testimony has made for some strange bedfellows, no?

First, the Federalist’s Bre Payton appeared on Fox News’ Fox & Friends where she argued that Comey was a “spineless weasel” who “has a history of manipulating the media.” It was some harsh, but accurate commentary.

It’s very clear that Comey has a history of manipulating the media in order to cover his own tail. He admitted under oath yesterday that he leaked the memo to his friend who then leaked it to The New York Times and then The New York Times ran with the story without actually seeing the memo in order to get a special prosecutor.

I think it’s also very startling that the Senate Intelligence Committee itself has not actually seen the memos either.…



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