James Comey: ‘America’s Girlfriend,’ In The Hot Seat

By J.E. Dyer

The pop analysis of James Comey and his internal dramas in encounters with other public officials –e.g., the president – continues.

Most men, in writing or speaking about their recollections of professional encounters, tend to avoid the overtly emotional, or levels of detail that serve mainly to illuminate their own interior dialogues.  Not Mr. Comey.

Comey doesn’t just record these interior eruptions.  He turns them over for inspection, and incorporates them into explanations of his motives and decision-making.

This seems to be because he wants to make the case that someone else drove him to do things.  (There’s also the possibility that he just enjoys self-dramatization.  Maybe he’ll strike off into fiction-writing with his new-found leisure time.  His style is spare, which is a point in his favor.)

My initial grimace-face moment on Comey’s diary-keeping came when his friend Benjamin Wittes explained that Comey wanted to hide himself against…



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