Italian Train Wreck Sign Of E.U. Mismanagment

Terror Leaves Death And Destruction In Italy (Image: MGN)

Twenty have been confirmed dead in a head-on train collision in Italy. A rescue operation is still on-going, as officials are taking numerous survivors to hospitals with major injuries. So far, the cause of the accident is not known but the Director General of the company that runs the trains says they are looking into it.

Death and destruction welcomed Italy as the country awoke this morning. Two passenger bearing trains collided with a deadly, head-on, force. Twenty people have been pronounced dead so far, dozens of others are injured. The rescue operation, in what must be a miracle, was reportedly able to pull two living passengers from the wreckage.

The Vice President of the province of Andria, Giuseppe Corrado, said that so far the death count is twenty but the rescue operation will continue. Yet, another official said that the only…



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