It Is Past Time ‘WE THE PEOPLE’ Did Something About This!

Doesn’t it seem weird that these massive, PUBLICLY traded, companies are so easily allowed to make bias left-based whims as they see fit? I know, I know… it’s their business and we just have to put up with it, right? Well… as I emphasized before, what if it’s a public company? Where different people from many different backgrounds own a piece of their pie?

That’s what I have a problem with, in a sense. Are they even asking their shareholders how they feel about their left-agenda-based moves?

And beyond that, they’ve managed to create these massive companies that seek to control what you see and hear each in their way. It’s essentially a monopoly that appears to have gone unnoticed on the whole.

Isn’t it time WE THE PEOPLE did something about that?

As Written and Reported By Michael Walsh for PJ Media:

Back in July, in this space, I warned about



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