Islam’s First Love Is Violence

People Are Killing In The Name Of Islam Yet Our Borders Remain Open (Image: MGN)

A Muslim man killed a fellow Muslim in a convenient store in Scotland, over what? Religion. The man claimed that he committed the crime because of the man’s “disrespect (for) the Quran, the Prophet Muhammad, Allah and faith.” The victim was a part of a Muslim community that does not recognize Muhammad as the final prophet. The suspect has pled guilty and will be sentenced on August 9th.

A man in Scotland brutally beat and stabbed a fellow Muslim man in a convenient store because he “disrespected” Islam. 

Not only did the man kill a Muslim shop owner, but he admitted it.

The shop owner, Asad Shah, was a member of the Ahmadiyya Muslim community. Although the Ahmadiyya Muslim community studies Islam, their views differ in the fact that they do not accept Muhammad as the final…



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