Islamic Rapist Named ‘Every Woman’s Worst Nightmare’ Finally Jailed

Officials say that an Islamic Sexual Predator who was previously kicked out of Canada has been jailed for a minimum of 11 years in Britain after committing a string of sex crimes in the UK. Police said that Hungarian immigrant, Zsolt Suhaj, age 25 and has been described by a judge as ‘every woman’s worst nightmare’ received the sentence after he committed a string of new offenses after he was deported from Canada. A circumstance that Suhaj was not going to let slow him down.

Despite being deported from Canada several years ago, the sexual predator was able to enter the UK with no questions asked, yet again exposing serious holes in its border security. Once free in his new home he again started preying on unsuspecting women, which ranged in age from 22 to…



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