ISIS Sympathizer Sent To Meet Allah

ISIS Sympathizer Sent Home To Allah (Image: MGN)

A 24-year old ISIS supporter was shot and killed last night in Canada. Aaron Driver, the victim, was bound to a peace bond by local officials for his support of ISIS, yet he was reported to be involved in terrorist activities. Police officials claimed that when they investigated the terrorist activity Aaron detonated a device that harmed himself as well as another individual. The tip was phoned in by Aaron Driver’s neighbor who claimed to hear “firecrackers” going off in his back yard.

Aaron Driver, 24, an ISIS sympathizer was killed last night by local police. The Ontario Canada native was under a peace bond with local authorities because of his “affinity” for the Islamic State, unfortunately, they didn’t protect him. Police have claimed that the incident happened while investigating a “potential terrorist attack,” the small town of Strathroy.

The police informed…



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