ISIS Brings France To It’s Knees

ISIS Crucifies The Catholic Church (Image: MGN)

Two Islamic State soldiers took two nuns, two parishioners, and a priest hostage during a Tuesday morning mass in France. As police arrived the attackers viciously killed the priest in front of the morning mass. Authorities eventually were able to “neutralize” the two terrorists. ISIS has claimed responsibility for the attack.

The Islamic State, known for its large public demonstrations of hate, violence, and murder, have changed their tactics. Instead of flashy explosions that shake the foundation of hope within the community, small stealth operations are now the focus. 

We’ve seen them blow up airports and other transit stops. We’ve seen them put together mass shootings. There is always a bit of flash that comes with one of their attacks. Almost as if they are taunting us with how big and public their violent tantrums are. Yet now, things are changing.

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