ISIS Banned From French Beaches

Get Your “Burkini” Off The Beach (Image: MGN)

Burkinis, a full body bathing suit (created from the Islamic Burka) is now banned from the beaches of Cannes. Back in 2011, France banned the full-face veil Burka from being worn in public as well. If anyone is caught wearing a Burkini at the beach they are subject to a 38 Euro fine.  The League of Human Rights has said that they plan to challenge the ban in court.

Burkinis… no that is not a made up word. Burkinis are full body Burka swimsuits. That’s right. It allows the women of Islamic faith to keep the tradition of keeping their body covered while being able to enjoy the joys of the beach and the water. However, the mayor of Cannes, France has outlawed them.

David Lisnard claimed that the Burkas, and Burkinis, are a “symbol of Islamic extremism,” and could invoke violence. Since, France has,…



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