Is This The Beginning of A “Liberal Tea Party”?

The liberal angst on the left side of the nation is getting organized and ornery…a terrifying combination for national security.

With President Trump approaching one month in office, liberals the nation over have been collectively losing their minds.  Between the riots and the death threats, no one was sure how much worse it could get.  Then, the fringe left began to organize.

“Democrats want and need parallel outside groups to inject money and organization into their grass roots. There are signs it is happening: The thousands of activists who protested at a series of raucous town halls hosted by Republican congressmen over the past week were urged to action in part by sophisticated publicity campaigns run by such professional liberal enterprises as the Indivisible Guide, a blueprint for lobbying Congress written by former congressional staffers, and Planned Parenthood Action.

“What is less clear is whether such energy and resources will…

Andrew West

Andrew West

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