Is This Still America? NY Fire Trucks Ordered To Take Down Stars and Stripes

This is not the America it used to be.

The American flag and patriotism itself is under attack. Recently the Arlington Fire District in Poughkeepsie, New York was the site for the latest battle. The battle was nothing more than a vote by the Fire Commission and it was done.

Old Glory was ordered to be taken down.

The Arlington firemen had placed American flags on their trucks safely and securely at their own union’s expense. In days gone by, the American flag was part of most firetrucks.

As those beautiful red trucks flew through red lights they inspired patriotism and safety that is synonymous with living in the U.S., but no more.

In our politically correct world, the American flag itself is viewed as too prideful or arrogant or downright offensive to be flown on a fire truck.

From the Poughkeepsie Journal:

American flags were removed from three Arlington…



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