Is Hilary’s Firewall On Fire?

A COMMENTARY By Dan Perkins.

Bill Clinton dumped gasoline on the fire of discontent at a recent campaign appearance for his wife when he went after people funded by George Soros, the “Black Lives Matter” protest group. Bill wanted to know, “ Where they were when young back children are being killed by other black children.” I have asked this question, on the radio, in the print media, and on TV, of all the Democrats who rely on black voters to win the elections. Democrats say that black people vote for Democrats because Democrats care, even if they don’t do anything, their heart is in the right place, were as Republicans have no feelings, no compassion or heart.

The southern states were supposed to be the firewall for Mrs. Clinton to stop Mr. Sanders. Hillary has not done well in the last 7 primaries, and Bernie has won 6 of…



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