Iran’s Latest Maneuver Puts Them on Warpath with United States

Iran’s latest military moves are a direct slap in the face to Washington D.C. and to President Trump.

Now, however, with President Trump taking the reigns of the Oval Office, Iran will need to tighten up a bit in order to stay within the parameters that the United States deems appropriate.  Of course, Iran is doing exactly the opposite of that, and their latest military maneuver is a direct slap in the face to America.

“Iran’s elite Revolutionary Guard is to conduct military drills next week, a senior commander announced Saturday, despite warnings from the United States and fresh sanctions over a ballistic missile test.

“‘The manoeuvres called “Grand Prophet 11” will start Monday and last three days,’ General Mohammad Pakpour, commander of the force’s ground units, told a news conference.

“He said rockets would be used without specifying which kind.

“In early February, Iran conducted drills involving short-range missiles at…

Andrew West

Andrew West

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