IRAN Mocks Obama – Four Ships Taunt US Warship

What did we get for giving the Iranians over a BILLION dollars in cash?

Apparently that money bought us our hostages and nothing more. It definitely didn’t buy America any RESPECT!

Iran is laughing at us. Laughing at the US! Mostly laughing at President Obama.

Our military is like a dog on a chain. If it was ever unleashed, the mocking would stop. Instantly.

Today Fox News is reporting:

Four ships belonging to Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) “harassed” an American destroyer in the Strait of Hormuz Tuesday, a U.S. Navy official confirmed to Fox News.

The official said the Iranian ships carried out a “high-speed intercept,” with two of the vessels coming within 300 yards of the USS Nitze.

The Navy official described the incident as “unsafe and unprofessional,” adding that the Iranian ships “created a dangerous, harassing situation that could have led to further escalation.”

The USS Nitze…



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