Iran Makes Hard Stand Regarding Obama Nuclear Deal

Iran’s nuclear deal with America is under threat with Trump taking office, but Iran doesn’t believe so.

Perhaps in response to Obama’s farewell, Iran themselves are taking a hard stance regarding any negotiations of nullifications of the capitulatory arrangement that the liberal leader foolishly made with them years ago.

“Iran will not renegotiate its nuclear agreement with world powers, even if it faces new U.S. sanctions after Donald Trump becomes president, Deputy Foreign Minister Abbas Araqchi said on Sunday.

“Trump, who will take office on Friday, has threatened to either scrap the agreement, which curbs Iran’s nuclear program and lifts sanctions against it, or seek a better deal.

“‘There will be no renegotiation and the (agreement) will not be reopened,’ said Araqchi, Iran’s top nuclear negotiator at the talks that led to the agreement in 2015, quoted by the state news agency IRNA.

“‘We and many analysts believe that the…

Andrew West

Andrew West

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