Inside The Mind Of Obama

Commentary by Ben Feldman:

It is hard for people to understand Mr. Obama and his weak leadership. For instance, Mr. Obama releases Gitmo detainees, labels ISIS as a JV team, and cannot call the ISIS killers Islamic terrorists. Once he left to play golf after discussing the beheading of an American. Recently, he was seen at a baseball game drinking beer with Raul Castro after the Brussels, Belgium killing. His rationale  by attending the game; he doesn’t want to show fear. His belief is that If he shows fear, or if we show fear, then the terrorists have us where they want us; frightened, cowed. I imagine killers see his behavior differently. Ask them and they will probably say it shows our weakness which incites them.

Passivity is Obama’s leadership style. Particularly when military and foreign issues emerge. Coupled with passivity, Obama seldom speaks with emotion though he does show…

Ben Feldman

Ben Feldman

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