Inside Nvidia HQ: What a $2T Company’s Office Looks Like | WSJ Open Office

At Nvidia’s headquarters, the AI chips that propelled the company to a $2-trillion valuation were used in custom software that helped design the space-ship-like buildings. The tech company’s office in Santa Clara, California, is now one of the most sought-after places to work.

WSJ took a tour of the campus – and chased down a robot – to find out what an office with over one million square feet looks like.

0:00 Nvidia’s headquarters
0:44 Office setup
2:13 Creating connections
4:!5 Maximizing efficiency
6:45 Future space

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Offices are as unique as the companies they house. This WSJ series takes viewers inside standout spaces to show the amenities–and quirks–that separate them from the rest, as designers and company executives explain the reason behind it all.

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