Incestuous Child Molester Gets Brutal Introduction To Prison Life

It’s amazing, but even those in prison don’t think lightly of child molesters. Robbery is one thing. A stabbing or shooting is another, but a child molester…is considered the lowest of the low.

Judging by the not-so-warm welcome one prisoner got, that may just be true. Once prisoners found out what he did to his little girl, they made sure he got what was coming to him.

Sergio Oros Sanchez is said to have attacked his stepdaughter after his wife left for work in April. He raped the four-year-old girl, and beat her so badly that she was left unresponsive and began having seizures. He then took her to a private doctor, who referred him to a hospital. There, Sanchez told the medical staff that the girl had suffered a fall, but they could see through his lies.

Medical personnel called police, realizing that she had been abused. The



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