In The End, Everyone Works For Hillary

Hillary Pines For The Latin Vote With Bi-Lingual VP Pick (Image: MGN)

Hillary Clinton came forward and announced that her running mate will be Virginia “junior” Senator Tim Kaine. It is speculated that she chose him for his bi-lingual capability to sway the Latin voting community. Kaine has worked for the Democratic Party for a while now, first a Senator, then Governor, and former chairman of the Democratic National Committee.

Who in the world is Tim Kaine? I know we are all asking ourselves that question after Hillary announced Senator Tim Kaine as her running mate.

Well, before being in the running for the next Vice President of the United States, Tim Kaine was the “junior” Senator from Virginia. I know “junior” sounds confusing. What is a “junior senator? Trust me, it’s nothing glamorous. It basically means that he does not have the seniority of the two senators from Virginia.



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