Immigration Hypocrisy: Mexico Can’t Have It Both Ways

An interesting headline appeared on this week: Mexico fumes over Trump immigration rules as US talks loom.” The Mexicans reacted defensively when the Trump administration announced plans to consider almost all illegal immigrants subject to deportation. Mexican Foreign Minister Luis Videgaray said his country would not accept the new US rules. “I want to say clearly and emphatically,” Videgaray announced, “that the government of Mexico and the Mexican people do not have to accept provisions that one government unilaterally wants to impose on the other. We will not accept it, because there’s no reason why we should, and because it is not in the interests of Mexico.”

One would think Mexico has liberal immigration laws that make ours seem racist and xenophobic by comparison. Not even close. Get ready for an eye-opener. Here is a summary of Mexico’s General Law on Population:

Illegal immigration is a felony in Mexico.…



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