Immigrant Man Does Something Horrifying To A 2yo Toddlers Genitals

A Somalian man was arrested in connection to the genital mutilation of a 2-year-old girl in Dublin, Ireland.

The man was arrested and questioned about his alleged involvement in the mutilation of the girl — reportedly the first case of its kind in Ireland.

“This Somalian man was taken into custody on suspicion of mutilating a child,” a source confirmed to Mirror.

The practice of female genital mutilation is banned in Ireland, as it can cause severe health problems for women.

“I was [shocked] to see the police car outside and that is why I asked them what had happened but they didn’t tell me,” a neighbor said after authorities arrived at the child’s home.

“I don’t know the family by name, I just say hello,” the neighbor added. “The…



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