Illinois demands day-care operators go defenseless

There are classes of people for whom the Second Amendment does not apply. Those who are in mental institutions or who have been adjudicated to belong there. Those who are in prisons or who have been adjudicated to belong there.

And in Illinois, day care-operators.

Not only is the state demanding that they be disarmed, they are being required to advertise the fact that they are defenseless.

The next development was expected: a lawsuit by the Second Amendment Foundation, the Illinois State Rifle Association, Illinois Carry and several individuals, Jennifer J. and Darin E. Miller, against the state over the requirements.

Defendants are Beverly J. Walker, in her official capacity as director of the Illinois Department of Children and Family Services, and state Attorney General Lisa Madigan.

The complaint in U.S. District Court for the Central District of Illinois explains IDCFS policy “substantially prohibits day-care home licensees, and those who would



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