Illegal Immigrants Are Voting For Hillary

Illegal Immigrants Are Voting For Hillary (Image: MGN)

There are some insane people in San Fransisco that are trying to pass a bill that will allow illegal immigrants the right to vote. You heard me. They actually want people who are here illegally to vote for our countries President. Yet, that isn’t even the best part. Not only are they trying to pass the bill… this is their third attempt at passing it.

Supposedly their “plan of attack” is using Donald Trump’s anti-immigrant approach at America as a springboard to get people to vote... for illegal immigrants… to have the right to vote. Clearly this was not a well thought out plan.

Eric Mar the man behind the plan had this to say, “With Donald Trump’s racist and anti-immigrant sentiments, there is a reaction from many of us who are disgusted by those politics,” Mar said. “I think that’s going to…



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