If the British Vote for Brexit, Will They Get the Greek Treatment?

A year ago, the citizens of Greece were offered a referendum on whether or not to accept the troika’s “bailout” conditions. The people voted NO, but it mattered not. The bailout proceeded as planned.

As I observed in the post, Greeks Flock to Grassroots Alternative Currencies in Affront to Euro Debt Slavery:

Hundreds of millions of people throughout the Western world are being forced to admit an obvious, yet uncomfortable reality. Democracy is dead. Your vote and your voice doesn’t matter. Not at all.

No group of people understand this as intimately as the Greeks. They voted for one thing, got something else, and in the process were unceremoniously reminded of their political irrelevance. The Greeks are now in a position to show the rest of us how it’s done. Communities need to take matters into their own hands and tackle challenges at the grassroots level. Nowhere is this more impactful and…



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