If Harvey Weinstein or Bill Cosby Needed To Be Outed, Why Not Bubba Clinton?

The mainstream media has been all over the Harvey Weinstein sexual harassment/rape story and justifiably so, they were also all over the Bill Cosby charges and the salacious reports about Bill O’Reilly and Roger Ailes. In fact, over recent weeks the MSM has found dozens of people who have groped,  sexually harassed, or sexually assaulted women. However, they’ve ignored one person from their investigations; former President Bubba Clinton.

It’s almost understandable that the MSM avoided Bubba’s dalliances during the 2016 campaign, they didn’t think it should be an issue to hurt his wife who they wanted to be the next POTUS. But today the media is reporting about all the people whose silence might have enabled the people above to continue their war on women, they should have reported about Hillary’s enabling, or the times, the former Secretary of State was cruel to the woman whose sexual contact with her husband.



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