“I Don’t Blame The Police For Killing My Son”

“I Don’t Blame The Police For Killing My Son” (Image: MGN)

17-year-old Devon Martes was shot and killed by police after raising a gun at an officer. Devon’s parents have said that they do not blame the officer for killing their son. Apparently, Devon has had a criminal record since he was 10, including attempted armed robbery. 

Devon Martes, 17, had snuck out of the house while his mother, Alesia Martes, was taking a shower, within ten minutes of leaving he had been shot and killed. His father, however, does not blame the sheriff’s deputy who killed him.

The police have reported that Devon pulled a gun on an officer, who then chased him into a newspaper warehouse. All of which happened just two blocks away from his house.

There was a video that was captured from inside the warehouse that shows Devon Martes raising a gun at officer Dave Dalton.…



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