Hypocrite RINOs: Graham Call for Judge Moore to Quit Race, but Defends Bob Menendez


It’s a strange world we live in, isn’t it? Just by virtue of running for elected office, a man who’s an outsider to the Washington, DC power structure suddenly has accusers falling out of the sky claiming numerous examples of past crimes, all of a sexual nature.

Did you think I was referring to Judge Roy Moore? Nope. I was speaking of former-presidential candidate Herman Cain.

In the wake of a flurry of sudden allegations, Cain dropped out of the 2012 Republican primary race just as he was picking up traction. Just as Cain pulled the plug on his campaign, all the allegations of sexual impropriety amazingly came to an end.

But with all that aside, every political junkie in the nation already knows about The Washington Post, the entire Democratic Party, and every swamp creature with an (R) after his name is calling for Roy Moore’s head on



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