Hurricane Matthew Is Already A Killer

Hurricane Matthew Is Coming (Image: MGN)

Hurricane Matthew has just touched down in Haiti. So far, Matthew has claimed the lives of three people, one in Haiti, one in Colombia, and one in St. Vincent. It is expected to reach Cuba by late Tuesday night or early Wednesday morning. This is the first category 4 hurricane to hit Haiti in 50 years.

It seems that Haiti is in for a rough couple of months. Hurricane Matthew, a category 4 hurricane, touched ground on Haiti’s peninsula early Tuesday morning. At 7 am the citizens of Haiti were greeted with 145 mph winds. The last reported category 4 hurricane to hit the heart of Haiti was Hurricane Inez, 50 years ago, back in 1966.

Matthew is expected to move across Eastern Cuba by late Tuesday night and early Wednesday morning.

John Hasse, an aid worker with the humanitarian organization World Vision said, “We’re…



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