Huntsman Choice Means Trump Will Not Be Weak on Russia

We all know the narrative that has consumed the liberal media since last year: the President and his surrogates are in bed with the Kremlin.

For months, 90 percent of CNN’s airtime has centered on Russia — despite private admissions by top affiliates the collusion story is a “nothing burger.” Last week, the network had a field day when it learned campaign officials sat in on an innocuous meeting with a Russian lawyer.

When the media found out the president of the United States took a second meeting with the president of Russia at the G20 summit — the purpose of which is, by definition, for leaders of member countries to meet — their minds nearly exploded. They conveniently failed to clarify the Chancellor of Germany had invited all G-20 attendees to said meeting.

Donald Trump, Jr. and former Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort are testifying Wednesday before the Senate



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