‘Hulk’ actor wants Rush Limbaugh tossed to hurricane

The actor who plays “Hulk” isn’t kidding around with his allegiance to a global warming theory that claims humans are changing the Earth’s temperature by driving SUV’s and heating their homes with power from coal power plants and that results in massive upheavals in the world’s weather.

With the results Hurricane Harvey and Hurricane Irma and more.

He wants doubters, well, tossed to Hurricane Irma and likely dead.

Marc Morano at Climate Depot on Friday noted that Mark Ruffalo’s threat to conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh came on social media.

Ruffalo said, “Let’s start a gofund me campaign! Fly @RushLimbaugh to Hurricane Irma!”

Let’s start a gofund me campaign! Fly @RushLimbaugh to Hurricane Irma! https://t.co/pBOwkHNB0f

— Mark Ruffalo (@MarkRuffalo) September 6, 2017

Those who adhere to a global warming belief system are convinced that it is humankind that is the cause of global warming, at least until about



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