HUFFPO Thinks Muslim Hip Hop Is Beautiful – Um…Only If You Like Dancing Sheets

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If you just watched the video. Step 1, stop laughing. File this under…you gotta see it to believe it.

The Huffington Post recently ran a piece titled, Muslim Hip-Hop Dancers Break Down Stereotypes While Breaking It Down In Niqab.

The video of the dance called, We’re Muslim, Don’t Panic may have the exact opposite result.

Watching three solid black sheets “Dance” around may not truly be classified as Hip Hop to begin with, but it definitely reinforces the stereotypes HuffPo thinks they are breaking down.

The Niqab is a traditional garb that only has functionality in a sandy climate. Wearing it in another climate in an act of reverence is done so only to keep women oppressed.

It is shocking that the most vehement feminists on our planet…the all female editorial board of the Huffington Post…is fine celebrating a globally coordinated persecution of women.

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