How Would You Go About Fixing The VA?

How would you go about fixing the VA? One thing that you would not do is ask former President Barack Obama. He struggled with that issue for eight years and never got anything rolling. Heck, did he even fire anyone? A struggling Veterans Administration is what President Donald Trump inherited.

President Trump is making progress. There was a deep state embedded in the VA that had no interest in the veterans that it was supposed to be serving. Here is how the president is changing all of that.

As Written By Larry Alton for the American Thinker:

Whether you’re on the right, left, or squarely in the middle, we can all agree that veterans aren’t treated nearly as well as they should be in this country. In fact, they’re blatantly disrespected in many ways. But how is President Trump, who made lots of campaign promises to veterans, doing on this issue after



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